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Included in the Toolkit

Online/Mobile Web

Script your survey once and it's perfectly formatted for any phone, tablet or browser.

SMS Invites

Give your online surveys a boost and get higher response rates fast.

Survey App

Create your own branded survey App in minutes and capture responses online and offline.

SMS Surveys

Reach audiences in any country, in any language, on any type of phone.

One Toolkit Four Products

Web Surveys

Create online surveys that are optimised to work beautifully on all mobile devices. Use rating sliders, drag and drop rankings and media for more engaging surveys and to increase completion rates. Use geolocation to find out who is taking your surveys.


With 80% of responses in less than 2 hours, SMS invites give you faster results and higher response rates for your online surveys. Reach people with smartphones or even the most basic handsets in any country and any language. Customers open 98% of SMS messages, compared with 22% of e-mails; and there is no risk of landing in the spam folder.


Create your own branded survey App free in minutes. We make it easy for Market Research Agencies and Sample Companies to create their own branded Apps. Optimised to display perfectly on any device, in any country and in any language, both online & offline. Create any number of branded Apps you or your clients need.


Our unique SMS surveys provide rich insights from people even with the most basic phones. You can include full routing and logic capabilities, and even use picture, video and voice to increase engagement. With 2–way SMS surveys you can reach everyone with no channel bias, even those with basic phones or no internet connection.